"I thought Stealth was only for young people, but I'm 51 & I love it."

J.R. Zuniga (51 years old)

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"No one likes to workout, but Stealth makes it fun and enjoyable."

Larry Thigpen (54 years old)

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"I love Stealth because it doesn't take a lot of time."

Nicci Amberg (42 years old)

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"I feel like I can go clothes shopping again!"

Joe Komara (39 years old)

"Stealth helped to eliminate my chronic pain. My posture has improved and I look younger too!"

Suzanne Dean (64 years old)

"I have more confidence now."

Chad Strong (45 years old)

"My back is stronger, the pain is gone, and I feel taller because I can stand up straighter!"

Roxana Benseman (66 years old)

"I lost 16 lbs and now I have ABS because of Stealth!"

Jasmine Meadows (29 years old)

"I never believed I could lose 22 lbs and 14 inches with Stealth!"

Andre Mathieu (62 years old)

"You work so much more than your core: legs, shoulders, chest - everything."

Valentina Olarte (24 years old)

"My clothes fit like a dream now - it's been years since I could wear these."

Michele Tannen (53 years old)

"I feel so much younger - I have more strength and endurance too."

Joe Croyle (68 years old)

"I went from fluffy to FIT with Stealth"

My-ishia Cas-Brown (28 years old)

"I am so happy with the results I got using Stealth!"

Wynn Roberts (57 years old)

Believe us when we say: "You'll forget you are even working out!"