Personal Trainer/Owner of Xtreme Fitness Bartlesville Raves About Stealth!

 I am the owner/personal trainer of Xtreme Fitness Bartlesville (Bartlesville, OK). I have been personal training & teaching fitness boot camps for 20 years, and I have utilized a lot of different tools in my training. I came across the Stealth Core Trainer about a year and a half ago and I absolutely love it.

I open the box and there was no assembly required, it was easy to use; within five minutes of opening the box started using it with my clients! They love it! When I say plank, they somewhat seem to dread it but when I pull out the Stealth they don’t even complain.  In those three minutes they’re laughing and smiling; when they’re done, they check their scores and they compare to everyone else’s score, it brings out the competitive edge in them! They are always so excited when they see my circuit station set up and one of them includes the Stealth! 

I can’t wait to add more of these to our facility and utilize them in my fitness boot camps as well.  The Stealth Trainer is the perfect addition to any home gym or fitness studio because it trains so many muscles at one time, it improves balance, endurance, it keeps you focused on the game and your mind off the struggle of doing the actual exercise itself. It’s just an amazing piece of fitness equipment! 


-Kelli Fleak