How to Create a Challenge

You have your Stealth, and you love it! Maybe you’ve shared it with your family and friends and now they have their own too.  Maybe you are looking for more accountability.  Creating a challenge in the Stealth App is a great way to get some friendly competition with family or friends while also holding yourself accountable. It’s easy to do.
Open your Stealth App and click on challenges.
  • This will open up a window showing all your active challenges. 
  • On the top right of your screen, you will see a CREATE NEW link.  
    Your first decision is challenge type: endurance or countdown.
    • Endurance – This option lets the players go for as long as they can.  The workout and time will not stop until the player has double tapped the game screen. 
    • Countdown- This option is a timed game.  The challenge will automatically stop when the set time is reached (you’ll set the time in the next screen).
    Next, pick a name for your challenge.
    After you name your challenge pick the leaderboard type
    • Best single- players are ranked based on the best single score
    • Total score- players are ranked based on all combined scores  
    Your last step on this screen is to click on CREATE CHALLENGE on the bottom of the screen.
    You're almost done, the next screen you will input your challenge details.
      • Set the start and end date 
      • Select Private 
        • If you want your challenge to be private and hidden from the challenge browsers 
      • Choose game selection
        • You can pick one game 
        • You can pick multiple games and your challenge will cycle through a new game each day 
        • You must be a premium subscriber to choose the premium games
      • Set time (only if your challenge is countdown type) 
        • Here you will also have the option to add an increase in your time each day
    Agree to the terms and conditions 
    Click on create challenge on the bottom.
    The last screen you will see is the finish screen.  Here you will find the code to share so others can join your challenge.  This screen also has the option to invite others through text and email. Invite as many as you like and then click finish.  The app then takes you into the challenge. You have to option to play right away, go to the home screen or close the App.  If you’re not ready to play right away, you will find your challenge listed when you select challenges from the home screen.