Can Video Games Help Move Your Butt? - Women's Health Magazine Reviews STEALTH Core Trainer


Can video games help you move your butt? You bet.

Great example: In 2016, Fitbit partnered with the NBA 2K17 video game to boost the scores of players who reach 10,000 daily steps in real life. Stealth, a new tool plus app, applies a similar theory to making ab work fun. Place your phone in the unstable board's cradle, set up in plank position, and suddenly you become a human joystick, operating a Pac-Man-like arcade game. You tilt the board left, right, and forward as you play, firing up tiny stabilizing muscles and, hopefully, forgetting just how long you're holding that plank.
On your own: One reason isometric exercises (contracting your muscles without shifting them) are so hard? Your brain has zilch to focus on, except the burn. But adding mini movements can...

By: Marissa Gainsburg
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