STEALTH Fitness Gaming App REINVENTED: Introducing the All-New Stealth Core Challenge 2

Great News!  We are very excited to officially release the all-new Stealth Core Challenge 2 fitness gaming app that works seamlessly with Stealth Core Trainer.  Our programmers have been working hard for the past few months with our beta-testers to remove all the kinks for an awesome user experience.

Stealth Core Challenge 2 is super-charged with more Mini Games, featuring richer, more refined graphics, plus a more challenging workout environment with increased speed, and demanding movements with steeper angles.  CHECK IT OUT! 


Stealth Core Challenge 2 also includes expanded functionality with several cool new features.  We added a calendar in the personal log, and you will receive a check mark each day you use STEALTH.  It's a great motivator and an awesome way to track your progress.


We also added a new "GROUP CHALLENGE" feature. You will be able to invite your family and friends to join a private group to use Stealth together.  It's perfect for a little competition or to do some team building at work. 

So what does this all mean?

The all-new Stealth Core Challenge 2 helps you stay more focused on the wider variety of gameplay, making Stealth even more fun, while at the same time challenging you to work harder, helping you to get stronger with better results. 

Make sure you download the all-new Stealth Core Challenge 2 app now!  You will experience the best core workout ever with Stealth and our PLANK + PLAY GAMES SYSTEM.

Click either button below:

Game Your Core!
- Team Stealth

PS: Here are some helpful videos showing you how to use the new Stealth Core Challenge 2 Gaming app:
Watch the videos here